We are not Alone!


We are not alone !

100 peoplewhoshare.ca

is part of a loosely connected forum of similar minded people throughout the world who desire to make A DIFFERENCE.

There are hundreds of chapters actively operating in Canada, the US and throughout the world including women’s groups, men’s groups, groups that include both men and women and youth groups. There is a chapter of 100 Womenwhocare in GreyBruce and a group of 100 Men in Hamilton-Wentworth who have already made a huge impact on their local communities.

In 2006, Karen Dunigan found it interesting that one of her best ideas was born from something as basic as baby cribs. During an executive meeting with the Centre for Family Health, the Centre’s CEO mentioned a need she learned about at a staff meeting regarding new mothers and cribs. Karen told the CEO that would be something she would like to know more about. During the follow up, details were shared about how new mothers were bringing their babies home and placing the sleeping infants in boxes, dresser drawers or on their own beds because they couldn’t afford a proper crib. Some of these babies didn’t survive the night. Karen was presented with a list of how many cribs were needed including the cost of mattresses and blankets. A total of $10,000 was needed. With all of her involvement in the community, Karen knew she could call ten people and ask them to write $1,000 checks, but she also figured she knew 100 women who would each give $100. She began making phone calls and scheduled a meeting. At that first meeting, a group of Karen’s friends heard the story and each wrote checks to the Centre for Family Health, resulting in a $12,800 donation, more than requested, to supply new mothers with the simplest need: a crib.

Karen recognized that she was on to something special and that it too was in its own infancy and needed to be nurtured to grow. She founded the first 100+ Women Who Care and scheduled quarterly meetings. The rules were simple, any member could present a need in the community, the need had to be immediate and the money had to remain local. The idea was that a worthy cause benefits many in the community.

In Bruce County, we are trying to further this cause by supporting local needs.

Other local initiatives are:




Thank you for your support and sharing our cause.





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