Organization Name: Bluewater Summer Playhouse
Address : 707 Queen St., Kincardine, ON, N2Z 1Y9
Website/e mail:
Phone: 1-877-396-5722
Mission Statement: For 24 years, the Bluewater Summer Playhouse has been bringing live theatre to Kincardine and it remains the only professional theatre in Bruce County. The Playhouse puts on 4-6 shows in a summer season. A mix of comedy, musicals, and special performances. The theatre operates from July to the end of August.
The Organization serves the following population: Bluewater Summer Playhouse entertains theatre fans from far and wide. They have a a special focus on giving to the Kincardine community, by employing over 60 local students, helping them gain experience from theatre professionals and earn money for school. They have also operate a summer drama camp inspiring up to 50 youth per year aged 6-12 years.
The donated funds would be used to: Ticket sales alone do not cover the cost of performances, royalties, salaries, etc. Funds would be used to support the exciting 2018 season planned to celebrate their 25th anniversary, and provide some buffer as they navigate the balancing act between meeting budgets and maintaining affordable ticket prices.
The Organization’s current sources of funding are: Ticket sales, membership campaigns, some sponsorship, and sometimes a grant or two to support hiring a student. This past summer they mounted a successful membership campaign to obtain 150 memberships at $100 each which fully addressed the rent arrears situation.

Note re below question on not-for-profit or charity status. They are a not-for-profit, but not-for-profits are not able to issue charitable receipts, only registered charities can do that.

The Organization is a registered not-for-profit/charity able to provide tax receipts: yes




Organization Name: Pine River Watershed Initiative Network
Address : 86 Huron Street PO 367
Website/e mail: or email
Phone: 519-395-5538
Mission Statement: Vision: “Clean water and a healthy ecosystem within the Pine River watershed”


1. To research, organize and participate in projects designed to improve

and preserve the environment as it relates to the Pine River

Watershed and the Township of Huron-Kinloss. (A 11/06/27)

2. To educate and increase the public’s understanding of the Pine River

Watershed and its importance by offering courses, seminars,

conferences and meetings and by collecting and disseminating

information on that topic. (06/09)

3. To provide information to the public on existing or new programs and

funding which can improve the Pine River Watershed. (A 11/06/27)

4. To assist other like minded environmental groups where possible to

achieve “clean water and a healthy ecosystem”. (11/06/27)

The Organization serves the following population: All residents in Huron Kinloss and the Municipality of Kincardine. We have done projects from the 18 Mile River to the Little Sauble in Inverhuron.
The donated funds would be used to: To fund the Spring 2018 tree seedling planting project.

Just this year, we spent over $13,000 on tree seedlings for all area landowners to have for FREE to plant on their property. We would need funding to execute the 2018 Spring tree seedling plant.

The Organization’s current sources of funding are: Government Funding for major in-ground projects like berms and wetlands (Federal/Provincial)

Corporate Funding (restoration projects/HR funding)

Private Donors (all other projects)



Organization Name: Paddy Walker Heritage Society
Address : 235 Harbour Street, Kincardine, N2Z 2X9
Website/e mail:
Phone: 519-396-1850
Mission Statement: To restore, maintain and preserve the historical building in the Town of Kincardine known as the Walker House and to keep the building open to viewing by the public;

To establish, maintain and operate a museum to store and exhibit objects to illustrate the historical heritage of the Town of Kincardine and surrounding areas;

To preserve our historical heritage by providing educational programs to increase the public’s awareness of our historical buildings, structures and heritage.

The Organization serves the following population: Municipality of Kincardine and surrounding areas, tourists, visitors and community members including schools within and not limited to Bruce County.
The donated funds would be used to: To develop displays at the Museum, maintain Walker House building.
The Organization’s current sources of funding are: Grants and donations and fundraising events
The Organization is a registered not-for-profit/charity able to provide tax receipts: yes


Grey Bruce Animal Shelter

My charitable foundation is Grey Bruce Animal Shelter.  When speaking to one of the volunteers I was advised they need to raise $75,000 to $80,000 yearly to cover their costs.

It was 1989, when a group in Sydenham Township dedicated themselves to creating a facility to care for local stray and distressed animals. By 2003, they had raised the necessary $340,000 and building construction began on land (12 acres) donated by local farmer Ed Tottenham.

Today, sustained totally by volunteers, this no-kill shelter meets the needs of homeless animals looking for their new “Forever Home”. I asked if they were associated with the SPCA and they said no.   They did not want to form a partnership with the SPCA as their policy is if an animal is not adopted by a certain time, then it is euthanized.     So the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter is independent. 

On average they place 50 to 60 dogs and 50 to 60 cats on a yearly basis.  As a Registered Charity they do have a Board of Directors and Officers plus a general Membership.  Their Membership costs $10 per year and their Annual General Meeting is held in March. Participation as a member makes  the world of difference to pets in need who call the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter home.  A new Board of Directors was recently formed and are looking to service more animals, which means they will need to enlarge the current shelter.  

Most people have a pet, or remember a dear dog or cat that was in their life.   I know I do.   Having this shelter to provide families in Grey Bruce with the ability to chose a family pet has been a very rewarding experience for the volunteers.

Volunteers are their most valuable asset. Animal care is their priority at the shelter. The dogs enjoy going out for walks, or being brushed; the cats and kittens love to cuddle and just hang out with you.    Volunteers also are involved in office work, fundraisers to arrange, cleaning, laundry, and general maintenance that needs to be done.

They have no paid employees and are open to the public from 8 am till noon 7 days a week.  Donations and fund raising pay the bills.

Charitable # BN890221591RR0001 ,

Located just south of Owen Sound.

At Rockford drive east on Grey Rd. 18 (Derry Line) to conc. 8 south. Drive South 3km to Fire # 457437

Grey Bruce Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 442

Owen Sound, ON

N4K 5P7



Organization Name: Saugeen Valley Children’s Safety Village
Address : PO Box 345 Hanover ON N4N3H6
Website/e mail:
Phone: 519-367-3663
Mission Statement: “To create an innovative and interactive educational safety facility and to aid in the elimination of “preventable” childhood injuries and death.”
The Organization serves the following population: Our location at Sulphur Spring on county road 28, just south of Hanover, means that we are central to Bruce County, Grey County, North Wellington and North Huron. The School boards of this area are also partnering with us to comply with the Ministry of Education Safety guidelines. There are approximately 10,000 students in grades one to six. They would be learning something new every year. Currently these students would travel to Cambridge or London for these classes.
The donated funds would be used to: Within our Fire and EMS educational centre, we have “Sparky’s Apartment” which we need to complete the furnishings.
At the entry of the apartment, we want to have Sparky’s mural. The bathroom needs to have a vanity, sink and taps and wall decorations.
In the bedroom, we will need to have a smoke/fog machine and shelving, fully equipped Fireman Mannequin and Audio, smoke detector, twin bed and bedding (Dalmation spots relating to ‘Sparky”. Special “vibrating” smoke alarm (for hearing.visually impaired). This alarm attaches to the bed.
Chair and dresser (specific heights required and attached to the wall). Nightstand and lamp. Evacuation ladder and padding for evacuation hall (floor and walls). Contractor strips for evacuation hall (to restrict escape of smoke/fog. Miscellaneous signage and murals to depict exterior escape route.
The Organization’s current sources of funding are: Corporations such as Bruce Power, Enbridge, Bell Aliant, Subway, Hydro One. Westario, Germania Mutual Insurance, Grey Bruce Community Foundation, CUPE, Bruce County and many more
Service Clubs such as Lions and Optimists plus Ontario Trillium Foundation, Southampton Firefighters’ Association
Local large and small businesses


Organization Name: Knox Presbyterian Church
Address : 345 Durham St. Kincardine
Website/e mail:
Phone: 519-396-2311
Mission Statement: Worshiping God
Following Jesus
Serving the Community
The Organization serves the following population: The town of Kincardine and surrounding area
The donated funds would be used to: Support a new initiative – “Kincardine Free Wheeler Project”

Purpose: To provide free bus service three times/month (i.e. on 1st, 10th and 20th of each month) for any residents of the community who would benefit from such a service. (Note – CPP, OAS and disability benefits are paid at the end of each month, the date varies but the 1st of the next month will be close to the time that recipients go shopping. Similarly, the Trillium Benefit is paid on the 10th of each month and the Child Tax Benefit is paid on the 20th of each month)

Routes will be developed to take in major hubs (grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, library, local businesses.
Dates may be adjusted occasionally to maximize the use of the Good Food Box and the Food Bank. Routes, dates and time schedules will be prepared and distributed in a time frame designated to allow users sufficient notice of any changes.

Target Group – our low-income neighbours, Seniors and/or others with no personal means of transportation who would benefit from social interaction.

Low-income neighbours wold be able to divert funds currently spent on transportation (taxi) to other necessities.
Seniors would/may get out more, thereby decreasing isolation by increasing their social interaction.
The Municipality would become more attractive to retired persons seeking to relocate but anticipating the day when they no longer had personal transportation.
Local businesses would benefit.

The Organization’s current sources of funding are: $500.00 seed money was received from special offering during worship on Sunday, July 9th.

Local congregations and faith groups are being invited to make donations.

Grants will be sought from 100 People Who Share; Community Foundation Grey/Bruce; New Horizons Grants (for seniors); Society of Energy Professionals Community Foundation Fund; Municipality of Kincardine.

Donations will also be sought from philanthropic individuals in the community.

While the hope is that this will become a community-supported venture, all finances (donations, payments and receipts) will be handled through Knox Presbyterian Church – being a registered not-for-profit charity.

The Organization is a registered not-for-profit/charity able to provide tax receipts: yes
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the statements provided above are true and correct.: checked
Nominating Member: Kathy Fraser
Nominating Email:

Nomination # 7

Organization Name: Victim Services Bruce Grey Perth
Address : 611 9th Avenue East, Owen Sound, ON N4K 6Z4 Website/e mail
Website/e mail:
Phone: 18663769852
Mission Statement:

In partnership with emergency services, community agencies and the people we serve, we provide assistance to victims of crime & tragic circumstance, develop partnerships designed to enhance support to victims, and educate & promote awareness regarding victimization.

The Organization serves the following population:

Anyone impacted by crime or tragic circumstances.
Victim Services is a volunteer based organization which responds primarily at the request of police services to assist victims of crimes such as Homicide, Domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, assault, break & enter as well as tragic circumstances such as sudden death, MVC, suicide etc.

The donated funds would be used to:

Provide direct services to victims such as:
• immediate counselling for those who cannot afford counselling services
• transportation, emergency food, accommodation & clothing,
• resources to assist them to understand and change their circumstances

The Organization’s current sources of funding are:

Ministry of the Attorney General but Victim Services are chronically underfunded in the province as described in this newspaper article

The Organization is a registered not-for-profit/charity able to provide tax receipts: yes

Nomination #8

Organization Name: Community Living Kincardine and District
Address : 286 Lambton Street, Kincardine On
Website/e mail:
Phone: 519-396-9434
Mission Statement: In partnership with their families and the community, CLKD promotes and facilitates the full participation and inclusion of people who have a developmental disability to lead enriched and meaningful lives
The Organization serves the following population: CLKD servers over 150 families in the Kincardine and District area. We provide services for infants, children, adults and seniors who have developmental disabilities. We also have an employment services that provides services to anyone in the community who has any kind of disability that would create a barrier to obtaining employment.
The donated funds would be used to: At this time our Employment service receives no funding from the Ontario government. Because of the lack of funding we have been unable to grow our services to offer it to everyone who needs it. It has become apparent that an Employment service that offers; matching skills and interests to available jobs, jobs coaching and education, job retention services and the identification and removal of potential employment barriers, is a much needed services in this area and can go a long way towards creating a more inclusive and sustainable community. Funding would go a long way towards the long-term continuation of this program and its ability to provide this free services to anyone with a disability who wants to get back into the work force and requires assistance to do so.
The Organization’s current sources of funding are: CLKD receives base funding from the Ministry of Social Services and the rest of our funding is received through the generosity of our donors and community.
The Organization is a registered not-for-profit/charity able to provide tax receipts: yes


Organization Name: Kinetic Knights FRC Team 781
Address : P.O. Box 54, Kincardine, Ontario, N2Z 2Y6
Website/e mail:
Phone: 519-832-0746
Mission Statement: To advance education by forming teams of students, aged six to 19, in order to design and build robotics to be used for participation in FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competitions (FRC), FIRST Lego League (FLL, FIRST Lego League Junior (FLL Jr.) and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and other competitions which may become available.
To advance education by providing opportunities or students, aged six to 19, to obtain skills in planning, administration, and organization of events and excursions.
To advance education by providing students, aged six to 19, with financing and support on topics, including programming, web design, safety, essay-writing, robotics design, and robotics fabrication skills.
The Organization serves the following population: Youth, aged six to 19, in the Kincardine, Tiverton and Ripley are
The donated funds would be used to:
To help with with new costs to rent our space to build our robots in downtown Kincardine.
The Organization’s current sources of funding are: Bruce Power is our title sponsor,
The Organization is a registered not-for-profit/charity able to provide tax receipts: yes
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the statements provided above are true and correct.:


Organization Name: Keystone Child, Youth & Family Services
Address : 1793 3rd Avenue West, Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 6Y2
Website/e mail:


Phone: (519) 371-4773
Mission Statement: Building Futures Together
The Organization serves the following population: Keystone Child, Youth & Family Services is a multi service organization working with infants, children, youth and families in Bruce and Grey Counties. We provide several prevention and counselling programs and services with our main purpose being the Lead Agency for Children’s Mental Health. All of our services are free to those who may need them and any parent can call at any time to refer themselves and their family to Keystone.


The donated funds would be used to: The greatest need in our organization for donation dollars is in our Residence Program for high risk suicidal and depressed youth aged 12-18. This program has been chronically underfunded by the provincial government for over 25 years. To begin with, we are only funded to operate for 46 weeks of the year which you can imagine causes great concern when we are dealing with this high risk population of youth. Over the past decade, we have had to almost entirely cut our Program budget simply to keep our core staffing in place in order to not close down longer in the year. For this reason, our fundraising efforts are focused on the Programming costs for those youth who find themselves in need of our Residence. Programming costs would be incurred for specialized therapies for a young person or to have them participate in recreational, life skills, occupational, educational, and therapeutic activities while in our care. In addition, we will often have to use programming funds to provide additional 1-1 staffing due to the high risk of suicide of a young person in our Residence.

We have been fortunate to have been able to work in partnership with many services and organizations within and outside Grey and Bruce Counties, to provide some of the programming services at no cost, however for some of the needs of our most vulnerable youth we are compelled to purchase the services, and for this we rely on our donation funds to ensure these services are available to our youth.

The Organization’s current sources of funding are: Keystone receives its funding from local, provincial and federal government.

I appreciate you nominating Keystone as a potential recipient of your outstanding group efforts. There are so many worthy organizations and causes in our community of Bruce and Grey. We are fortunate to have like-minded individuals who collectively make and incredible difference. Together we have an impact; together we do make a difference and together we truly do Build Futures.

Thank you for your consideration of the Keystone Residential Program.

Respectfully submitted,


Phil Dodd

Executive Director




Organization Name: Kincardine & Community Health Care Foundation
Address : 1199 Queen St.Kincardine, ON N2Z 1G6
Website/e mail:
Phone: 519 396 3331 Ext 4342
Mission Statement: The Kincardine Health Care Foundation is a registered charity that was established to raise, manage, and disburse the funds necessary to enhance our health care and purchase state of the art equipment
The Organization serves the following population: Kincardine and surrounding area
The donated funds would be used to: Purchase hospital equipment
Current project: Digital X Ray machine and related renovations to accommodate it
The Organization’s current sources of funding are: Radiothon
Cruise night 50/50 draws
Individual donations
Christmas tree ornament sales
Bruce Power golf tournament (shared with another Bruce county health foundation)
The Organization is a registered not-for-profit/charity able to provide tax receipts: yes
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the statements provided above are true and correct.: checked
Nominating Member: Richard Emmerton
Nominating Email: