100peoplewhoshare update




We have booked the clubhouse at Ainsdale Golf Course,

 Kincardine for our inaugural meeting on April 24th at 7:30 pm.!

Our numbers continue to grow daily with new membership sign ups. Thanks for spreading the word

As a follow up to the FAQ part of our web page and Facebook , many people have asked whether a partnership membership is allowed.

The answer……….. YES!

A group of three could work well for anyone wanting to share the cost, attend each meeting, and discuss the one vote of the group’s choice. You must be aware that only one tax receipt can be issued so each member would have to take a turn on filling out the ballot and submitting their name.

Please keep the questions and suggestions coming as we learn and share together.

Our next mail out will focus on the history of how 100 people got started 11 years ago in  the United States.

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